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Call For Abstracts

Co-hosted by UroGP and Yuro

2024 Information coming soon

The 2024 National Urology Research Symposium

Submissions close: 11:59pm on 15 July 2024
Notification of successful abstracts: Late July 2024
Deadline to accept and register: August 2024


The UroGP Convening Committee is pleased to invite abstract submissions from all professional disciplines and groups involved in researching and treating genitourinary cancers for admission into the program for 2024. There is a focus on younger researchers and an opportunity to enter the urologic academic world in a supported manner – submitters are requested to read the information below before preparing and submitting an abstract.

All accepted abstracts will be required to prepare a presentation of maximum 1 minute and maximum 3 slides (not including title slide) with finalists having a 3 minute presentation (maximum 5 slides not including title slide).

The Program Committee will only communicate via email with the nominated contact for the abstract submission; therefore, it is imperative that the details given in the email address field are accurate.

It is expected that the contact person will communicate the outcome of the abstract submission with all presenters and authors. It is a requirement that the nominated presenter of a successful abstract submissions is registered to attend UroGP from the commencement of the symposium on Saturday 31 August 2024. The abstract presentations will be after the invited speaker sessions. If you are not in attendance from the start of the UroGP sympsoium you will not be eligible for prizes or awards. UroGP is free to register at www.urogop.com.au/registration

Any costs of presenting, remain the responsibility of the presenting author. Important tips before you begin:

  • All abstracts must be presented in English and be a piece of original work (encore abstracts are permitted)
  • Text should be entered in sentence case. Please do not type abstract titles or text all in capital letters
  • There is a maximum of 300 words for the abstract, excluding title, author(s) names, affiliations, organisations and references.
  • Images and tables should not be included.
  • The abstract should include:
    • Introduction and Objectives
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Conclusions*
      *Conclusions in the form of “results will be discussed” are not acceptable.
  • Only standard abbreviations may be used as per the BJUI guidelines (please click here to view). For abbreviations not listed on the BJUI list, please write in full in the first instance with the abbreviation in brackets. Please write titles in full with no abbreviations.
  • You will be asked to identify the presenter during the abstract submission process by having the name in underline.
  • Abstracts submitted for presentation will be published exactly as submitted. All submissions should be checked for accuracy and spelling prior to submission. Please ensure that all authors are included in your abstract in the order you would like the names to appear.
  • Please do not send multiple submissions of the same abstract.
  • Please note, that once submitted, the abstract can no longer be edited.
  • You will be sent an acknowledgement email within 24 hours of submission. If you do not receive this acknowledgement email, please contact the conference secretariat on the details below.
  • The final decision on acceptances and on publication and presentation formats are at the discretion of the Program Committee.

Please use the provided template for your submission. Your abstract should be submitted via the submission portal.

Finalists will be chosen in the categories of Basic Science and Clinical Research. Finalists will be awarded certificates with a winner, runner-up and third prize certificates (depending on submission numbers). All presenters will get a certificate of attendance provided they register and attend the UroGP symposium as outlined above. This will enhance learning and understanding of urology which is part of our mandate to educate young urological researchers.

Should you have any questions regarding the abstract submission process please do not hesitate to contact the UroGP symposium organiser at info@urogp.com.au or on +61 7 3858 5400.

Co-hosted by UroGP and YURO

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