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1435Closing summary and evaluation of symposium

Saturday 14 November 2020
0800 Welcome, outline of aims and opening summary
Prof Damien Bolton & Assoc Prof Nathan Lawrentschuk
0805 Issues in urologic education for the GP
Assoc Prof Justin Tse
0810 New medical therapies in BPH for the GP
Dr Joseph Ischia
0820 Greenlight laser – including video demonstration
Mr Dennis Gyomber
0830 Prostate MRI: New Item numbers, case presentation
Dr Bradley Newell
0840 Bladder cancer and the GP involvement: case presentations
Dr Joseph Ischia
0850 Robot prostatectomy questions answered
Prof Damien Bolton
0900 Virtual exhibition
0915 Imaging investigation for haematuria and other pathology: Case analyses with GP participation
Mr Peter Liodakis
0925 Renal Cysts and Renal Masses: What imaging reports mean
Dr Nieroshan Rajarubendrah
0935 Brachytherapy for GP’s: understanding the basics
Dr Michael Chao
0945 Nephrolithiasis: Case Based: Primary Care Approach
Mr Gregory Jack
0955 Active surveillance in prostate cancer –the GP involvement and role
Dr Renu Eapen
1005 New medical therapies to be aware of for Urologic Cancers
Assoc Prof Nathan Lawrentschuk
1015 Virtual exhibition
1030 Medical Therapies You can Prescribe for Incontinence
Dr Jos Jayarajan
1040 Use of Mesh and alternate slings for urinary incontinence
Dr Sandra Elmer
1050 Neuromodulation for incontinence: case discussions
Dr Johan Gani
1100 Erectile dysfunction in General Practice: Case analyses with audience
Dr Michael Chamberlain
1110 Vasectomy and its reversal – the facts
Dr Andrew Troy
1120 Case discussion: how should a GP manage these recurrent urinary infections?
Dr Dixon Woon
1130 Virtual exhibition
1145 Research presentations in conjunction with YURO
1245 Rapid fire research session in conjunction with YURO
1345 Interview/Workshop